Agora Restaurant
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SINCE 2000

Who We Are

Agora is a family owned Mediterranean Turkish & Greek BBQ Restaurant since 2000, situated in the heart of Southsea; open 7 days a week serving a wide range of traditional Turkish and Greek mezzes, authentic charcoal kebabs, diverse seafood and delicious homemade casseroles and desserts.

Why Choose Us

Our menu consists of homemade and traditional recipes by Agora's head chefs, revolved around classic Turkish and Greek cuisine, including many dishes inspired from diverse regions of Turkey and Greece, evident in our quality of dishes, ingredients and the restaurants traditional ambiance.

Our Standards

1. A Pleasant Dining Experience
We ensure the atmosphere and ambiance in our restaurant is authentic and provide our customers with a calm, tranquil experience with traditional tracks played from the heart of both Turkish & Greek cultures.
2. Meeting All Dietary Requirements
Our chefs work to create a vast menu that meets the necessities of all our customers. We have a variety of options that meet specific dietary requirements, to ensure all our customers have a tasteful, safe experience.
3. 5* Hygiene Rating
During these unprecedented times, as well as in general, we consistently keep our restaurant spotless, ensuring all staff are trained and acknowledge hygiene as a priority for them and our customers. All precautions are taken daily to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, with government guidelines followed and put into practice.”
4. Preparation Of Our Dishes
All our chefs prepare your recipes following all health and hygiene regulations, ensuring ingredients used are fresh and clean, producing delicious, tasteful dishes.”